Friday, August 11, 2006

Student Mobility in Europe

From Europa Newsletter

Creating a culture of mobility in Europe cannot be achieved without a change in mentality. Higher mobility rates among young workers indicate that this change is already underway. Why do the younger workers of today find it easier to be mobile?

One answer is that in many sectors, the ground for worker mobility has already been prepared by student mobility. In the field of education, a culture of mobility has already partly been achieved.

1976-2006: 30 years of European cooperation in education

Thirty years ago the European Union integrated education and training, thus opening the way for cooperation programmes such as Erasmus and later Comenius.

Cooperation in education is today, more than ever, a firm reality. Every year, pupils, students and teachers from all over Europe as well as all over the world take part in European projects and contribute to keeping the ‘freedom-of-movement' concept alive. This freedom is, predominately, a freedom of mutual enrichment.

The European Commission, through its Commissioner for Education and Training Ján Figel', welcomed the success of this cooperation. "All of those who for thirty years have been working at all levels to help achieve and further this cooperation have each day demonstrated its validity and its role in deepening Community integration and in bringing the peoples of Europe closer together".

For more information on European programs and trends in student mobility, read on...

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